Cutting Instructions

  • Remove end cap from vent body at opposite end front operating knob (Refer Fig. 1)
  • Deduct 11 mm from daylight opening size and mark size on vent body (Refer Fig. 1)
  • Lie vent on saw bench with canopy facing down, keeping downward pressure to prevent canopy unclipping.
  • From the fully closed position, move the PVC slide to the fully open position.
  • Holding the slide in the above position, cut the vent to length as marked in 2 above.
  • Replace end cap.

Easy Air Cutting instructions Easy Air Cutting instructions

Fitting Instructions

  • Calculate the glass reduction size by referring to the full size drawings enclosed.
  • Load appropriate backing rubber into slot in glazing channel, carrying backing through end caps and trim proud.
  • Place ventilator on top edge of glass and secure with suitable PVC wedge (Refer Fig.2).
  • Place ventilator and glass into position in the window and glaze in normal manner.

Typical Aluminium Detail

Easy Air Fitting calculation

Typical Timber Detail

Easy Air Timber Fitting instructions