Easy Air Inside viewThe three key elements of a healthy home are Heating, Insulation and Ventilation.

Double glazing does a great job of insulating the window system, but it doesn’t address the issues of indoor air quality and excessive¬†moisture and condensation. Only ventilation can do this.

The Easy Air double glazed vent is designed to work with new and retrofit double glazing to solve the problems of condensation and excessive moisture, without noticeable heat-loss.

So if you’re building a new home, chances are you’ll be installing double glazing. Why not include Easy Air trickle ventilation in the solution to also give you a total natural ventilation solution. One vent in each room is all that’s required to control moisture and condensation buildup. It’s far more secure and temperature efficient than relying on opening windows. And it’s far less expensive than installing a positive pressure system that needs ongoing running costs and maintenance.

If you’re considering having retro-fit double glazing installed, you can also easily address the issue of ventilation at the same time.

Simply give us a call or let your chosen retrofit double glazing company know that you’d also like Easy Air vents installed at the same time.

Whether it’s new windows or retro-fit double glazing, the additional cost is minimal, and far less expensive than the other options. But most importantly you’ll enjoy a warmer, drier and healthier home.