Heating claims by Ventilation Systems criticised

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We’ve been critical of the heating claims by some positive pressure ventilation companies for a while now. This study just released by Otago University well and truly busts these claims:

Ventilation systems’ home heating roasted by CATHERINE HARRIS

A new study has “well and truly busted” the idea that home ventilation systems alone can adequately warm up a house, according to Consumer Magazine.

An Otago University study has found that “positive pressure” ventilation systems did not draw down enough heat from the roof cavity to significantly alter the temperature of a typical pre-1940s wooden house in winter. It found that at best, the system averaged the heating power of five 100-watt light bulbs.

Project leader Inga Smith recommended that such ventilation systems should not be marketed as “heating/cooling” systems.

Consumer Magazine’s research and testing manager, Hamish Wilson, said he was “absolutely delighted” to see the study’s results.

He said the systems were effective at tackling condensation. However, “we have for a long time maintained that there won’t be warm air up in the roof space on frosty nights and cold grey winter days”.

He said it was misleading to claim ventilation that used roof space air could heat or cool houses, and it was also untrue that it controlled dust mites.

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