Take Control over Window Condensation and Indoor Air Quality, without electricity

EASY AIR PASSIVE VENTILATION , is a cost-effective, secure, natural way to control condensation on windows, and improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Easy Air trickle ventilators draw air into your home by using the varying air pressure that wind creates around the house. On the windiest side, positive air pressure pushes fresh, dry air inside through the vents. Negative air pressure then draws damp stale air out of your home on the sheltered side. All you need is one vent installed in the window system in each room.

This type of natural ventilation is called passive background ventilation, sometimes trickle ventilation.

Ventilation without the power bill

You know you need good ventilation to control window condensation, damp and mould in your home and to improve the indoor air quality. You know a well ventilated, dry home is a healthy home.

With Easy Air window vents, the wind’s free energy force does all the work. So your home is ventilated naturally.

All without any additional on-going costs for power, and no constant drone of electrical fans. Easy Air trickle vents are maintenance-free. They don’t require costly filter changes since they aren’t sourcing the air from the roof space. Easy Air vents introduce clean, fresh outside air.

Ventilation with proven effectiveness

Studies done overseas and by BRANZ* here in New Zealand have proven the effectiveness of passive background ventilation. Passive, or natural ventilation is recommended by many architects and designers here. It’s also endorsed by a number of impartial organisations including BRANZ and Beacon Pathway.

Trickle ventilators are detailed as a requirement in the Department of Building and Housing’s Clause G4 Ventilation compliance document (3rd Edition).

In the UK Building Code, new windows are generally required to include trickle ventilation.

You can review our Further reading section for more links to 3rd party organisations and research on the benefits of passive ventilation.

Ventilation that’s designed for New Zealand homes

Easy Air window vents are designed, tested and made in New Zealand for our unique conditions.

The vents are crafted from long-lasting aluminium and powder-coated or anodised to match or complement the colour scheme of your home.

You control the natural flow of outside air, or can stop it completely, by simply adjusting the durable slider. So no place in New Zealand is too windy for Easy Air vents.

Ventilation without pests or intruders

You can keep your windows closed and sleep safely in your bed without fear of intruders or whining summer mosquitoes. Easy Air keeps on naturally ventilating your home, even when everything is locked up.

The vents are installed into the top of your windows. So they’re totally secure. A sturdy insect screen keeps the bugs out. And a fully tested weather canopy stops any water creeping in – no matter what the elements throw at it.

You never have to come home to a stale, stuffy house – even after being away on holiday. Easy Air ventilators are perfect too, for your bach or holiday home. There’s no need to air out the bach when you first arrive.

Ventilation that’s easy to install and cost effective

You can enjoy the benefits of Easy Air window vents without any major renovation work.

A trained glazier simply installs the vents into the top of your existing aluminium or wooden joinery. The vents can be installed with both single and double-glazed windows.

One vent of 600mm per average sized room is all you need. The average cost of installing Easy Air passive ventilation is only $120 per room (incl. GST) into each room of a typical 3 bedroom home is under $1,200 (incl. GST). This makes Easy Air the most cost-effective ventilation solution on the market.

And if you’re building from scratch, you can reduce costs even further by having Easy Air vents installed along with your window joinery.

After the one-off installation cost, that’s it. There’s no need to buy expensive filters or pay for maintenance. And there’s no drain on your electricity. And the vents are guaranteed for 15 years**.

Ventilation that keeps you cool in the summer

Easy Air vents not only control condensation during the winter months, they also help to keep your home fresh and cool in the summer by gently replacing the hot humid inside air with cooler fresher outside air. What’s more, with the integrated insect screen, you can enjoy your summer indoors without having to share it with mosquitoes, flies, moths and other unwanted guests.

Working with you to control condensation

Condensation builds up on your windows when water vapour in the inside air comes into contact with the cold window glass. If the condensation is excessive, it may form pools on your window sills.

Excessive moisture also contributes to mould and mildew appearing on curtains and walls, particularly in areas such as corners where air circulation is minimal. This can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance.

To control this condensation, you need to apply a combination of heating and ventilation – just as you do when your car window mists up.

Natural ventilation lowers the moisture content in the air by gently replacing it with drier, fresher outside air (even on a cold wet winters day, the outside air contains less moisture than the air inside your home).

Heating helps to keep the indoor temperature and the air around the glass surface warm enough to prevent the residual moisture from condensing. Drier air is also easier and cheaper to heat than moisture-laden air, helping to reduce your power bill.

The vents are designed to minimise heat loss making it easy to maintain a comfortable, healthy temperature.

Why wait? Find out how Easy Air can give you a natural, safe and cost-effective way to ventilate your home.

Call toll-free on 0508 EASY AIR (0508 3279 247) to find out more, or Email us at info@joinerydev.co.nz

BRANZ is the Building Research Association of New Zealand. (BRANZ Bulletin BU430 – Passive Ventilation)

We guarantee the workmanship of the window ventilators to be free from defects for 15 years from date of install. The guarantee excludes any issues arising from incorrect usage or installation.