QF7 Hinge fixing diagramNOTE:

  • Position offset knuckle toward door panel with outside edge of door hard against locating shoulder
  • Position hinge on doorjamb to allow door panel to make contact with the draught seal. It is normal to position the outside face of the door panel flush or within 2mm of the outside line of the partition jamb. This will ensure that the door latch will engage its keeper correctly. The door panel thickness will dictate the above, together with partition frame section and thickness of draught seal to be used.
  • Screw outer leaf to doorjamb and inner leaf to door panel.
  • Use 8 gauge truncated screws for fixing to aluminium frame. Normal 8 gauge Screws with a minimum length of 18mm should be used for the door panel.
  • Ensure doorjamb is plumb and attached firmly to stud or post in hinge area.
  • Use heavy duty hinge (QFHD) if installation includes top hung door closers.
  • Refer to weight loading charts to ensure correct hinge selection.